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Tips For Choosing Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans.

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14.Jun, 2020 Comments Off on Tips For Choosing Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans. Blogs

Tips For Choosing Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans.

Energy efficient ceiling fans work primarily to cool down air to a desirable state. They come in many designs to suit all the market demands and preferences. Just like any other appliance that operates using electricity, you will expect your power bills to increase over time.

However, the change should be at a reasonable rate, and if not, you will know your ceiling fan is not energy efficient. With the numerous variables in the market, the below considerations will guide you in selecting a fan that will serve you efficiently and not at the expense of making you broke.

Tips For Choosing Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans.


best energy efficient ceiling fan

The amount of airflow your ceiling fan provides is a significant determinant of whether the gadget is energy efficient or not. To measure the consumption, you will require to have explicit knowledge of the CFM, cubic feet per minute. The figure clarifies how much air your ceiling fan moves at its maximum speed.

When selecting, consider a fan with a high CFM because it also translates to sufficient delivery of air in the atmosphere. The fan will take a shorter time to work efficiently hence using very little power in terms of electricity. Ceiling fans with a low CFM take a longer time to cool down the air, thus inconveniencing you in terms of costs and time.


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During your purchase, your supplier has to test the ceiling fan you want to determine whether it is functioning normally or not. You can use this opportunity to determine whether the fan is energy efficient or not by examining the speed. Ensure you test the fan while it is operating at maximum speed.

At this point, you can set a timer to help you establish how much time the fan requires to cool an area efficiently. The shorter the time, the more efficient a fan will perform. If your selection takes a long time to cool sufficiently, then it means it will consume substantial amounts of electricity to work hence increasing your electricity bills.


Motors are the primary determinant of how a ceiling fan will operate. They come in varieties like DC, AC, and oil bath motors, among other designs. When looking out for an energy-efficient fan, it is advisable to consider choosing DC motors since they work on far much lesser energy as compared to all the other designs.

Furthermore, ceiling fans with such fans operate at very high speeds and in a much quieter way. When regulating the rate, it takes a short time for it to adjust as well as switching off. Other ordinary AC ceiling fans are a bit cheaper, but in the long run, you suffer the risk of huge bills and also poor performance.

Final Words

The tips, as mentioned above, will help you to get a ceiling fan that works on very little energy but is efficient. Also, for further guidance, confirm on the packaging of the fan if there is an energy star rating since it guarantees your choice of a fan is in consideration of the above factors. However, ensure you ask your supplier to test the fan before taking it home to avoid any inconveniences.

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