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Solar Attic Fans: Their Purpose And Importance

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25.Jul, 2020 Comments Off on Solar Attic Fans: Their Purpose And Importance Blogs

Solar Attic Fans: Their Purpose And Importance

Attics are spaces or rooms just below the roof of a house and is used by many people to store items that are not used frequently or simply left for safekeeping. Attics are not visited as frequently as other places in the houses like the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms, and for this reason, they are often neglected in terms of maintenance. An example would be not installing an attic ventilation fan.

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Attic ventilation fans are inexpensive and encourage proper air-flow in the attic. Although, some people disapprove of attic fans because they believe it nullifies the roof’s insulation and allows cold air to enter their homes during winter and that it absorbs the effects of their home’s air conditioning unit making electricity bills more expensive. However, these arguments are not supported and the benefits of having a good attic ventilation fan outweigh the potential detriments mentioned.

Attic fans allow cold air to enter the attic, balancing out the home’s heating system during winter, which keeps snow frozen on the roof. Without this effect, the snow would on rooftops and freeze as they reach the gutters, forming an ice dam. This causes an unwanted buildup of precipitation on rooftops that exert excessive force on the roof, causing damage to it.

Solar attic fans also promote air-flow in the attic to eliminate moisture and vent out excessive heat during summer. It also helps air conditioners work less by contributing to eliminating excessive heat in the household. Items stored in the attics may also benefit from attic fans as they are kept in a more temperature-balanced environment.

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Most attic fans are installed either on the roof directly or the gable walls, and are wired to the house’s power source and sometimes a thermostat. This may pull electricity bills up, especially considering that attic fans are left running throughout the year. Luckily, solar-powered attic ventilation fans were introduced.

Solar attic fans are very similar to the common attic fans powered by electricity. However, their design allows them to be much more efficient in terms of energy consumption and has very little to no effect on electricity bills. They simply require the initial installation and set-up process, and they are ready to operate.

An example of a known manufacturer of solar attic fans is US Sunlight by Air Vent Inc. They offer versatile solar attic fans at reasonable prices, and their product may be purchased with an integrated “Solar Controller” that allows users to monitor the attic’s temperature and humidity remotely in real-time from anywhere in the house. The integrated Solar Controller also allows users to control the fan after dark.

For most solar attic fans, the system can also be connected to the house’s power source. This ensures the fan will continue running during rare occasions of prolonged absence of light. The solar attic fans manufactured by US Sunlight also displays whether or not the fan is running on solar power or electricity.

Installing attic fans is a great way to prolong the life of house roofs all year round, preventing moisture and excessive heat in the attic, as well as moisture and snow buildup issues during winter. Additionally, it helps preserve the different items stored in the attic. While attic fans are investments, an even greater choice would be purchasing solar attic fans which run on a renewable source of energy. With solar-powered attic ventilation fans, customers can rest assured that their items and roof are preserved while they save money and make the most out of their investment.

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